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How Wills And Trusts Protect Your Family

In the past generation, it has become more common for people to talk about how they want their estate distributed after their death. However, if you have not put your wishes into a legal document, your desires may not be respected.

The attorneys at Boyer Law Group, have helped Michigan families for more than a half-century to draft wills, trusts and other estate planning documents that specify how money, assets and property should pass from generation to generation. We listen compassionately to your goals, work directly with you to create the documents you require and apply our diligence to ensure your wills and trusts will withstand legal scrutiny if they are ever challenged in court.

Do I Need A Will, A Trust Or Both?

Although every individual’s circumstances are unique, in general, estate planning involves a portfolio of legal documents to ensure that your final wishes are fulfilled correctly. A last will and testament can allow you to designate individuals or organizations to receive your property, name a guardian for your minor children, identify a trustworthy adult to manage property you leave to your underage children, and appoint a personal representative to carry out the terms of your will.

A trust is created by a grantor and specifies a trustee who holds legal title to property that will eventually pass to a beneficiary. Trusts come in many varieties, including:

  • A living trust, which is created during the grantor’s lifetime and allows property placed in the trust to bypass probate
  • A revocable trust, which can be amended during the grantor’s lifetime
  • An irrevocable trust, which cannot be amended once created
  • A testamentary trust, which is created in conjunction with a will and is implemented when the grantor dies

Each type of document serves a different purpose, and some complement other documents. Our firm’s lawyer can provide you with options that best fulfill your needs. We can also help with documents addressing your end-of-life care needs, such as living wills, advanced medical directives and powers of attorney.

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