Impaired driving remains a problem in Michigan

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Everyone traveling on the roadways in Michigan is trusting that all drivers are going to operate their vehicles safely. One issue that continues to plague the state is impaired driving, but contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t only occur due to alcohol. It is possible for drivers to be impaired by other substances.

Drivers can watch for signs of impairment in other drivers. These include actions like driving on the wrong side of the road, weaving in and out of lanes, swerving without reason, stopping suddenly or driving at unusually fast or slow speeds. Some impaired drivers might not obey traffic signs and devices.

It is possible to come in contact with an impaired driver at any moment; however, there are certain times and locations when the risk is increased. These include roads around bars or places that sell alcohol. Holidays are another time of increase. Late Friday and Saturday night are peak times, but there is an uptick throughout the weekend. The overnight hours of 8:00 in the evening through 4:00 in the morning are also a time when you may come across intoxicated drivers.

When you see a driver who appears to be impaired, try to stay away from them if possible. Try to get a license plate number if you can do so safely and remember the vehicle’s description. You can contact the Michigan State Police, 911 or another local department to let them know that you suspect the vehicle’s driver is impaired.

These drivers sometimes cause crashes with other vehicles, and these wrecks can be very serious. If you’re struck by a driver who was impaired, you may opt to pursue a claim for compensation. This can help to cover medical care costs and other expenses related to the crash.