Probate: Get help when you need it most

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Having to deal with probate when you just lost a loved one is difficult. The problems you may be facing are complex, and the case could be long, drawn out and emotional. It’s important to make sure that you have the right support if your loved one’s estate goes through probate.

There are four steps that are involved when an estate goes to probate. These include:

  1. Appointing the personal representative of the estate
  2. Paying the bills of the estate, such as taxes, debts due to creditors and funeral expenses
  3. Distributing assets
  4. Putting together a list of the decedent’s assets

Probate can be made simpler if the decedent had a will. If not, then the estate will be handled in accordance with current probate laws.

In Michigan, smaller estates can be probated through a process called summary administration, which may not require a personal representative to be appointed.

Usually, estates that are worth over $22,000 will go through the usual probate process. Those under $22,000 may be able to go through unsupervised administration. This amount may change over time, so it’s a good idea to speak with your attorney if you’re not sure if an estate needs to go through supervised administration.

Assets only go through probate when they’re left in the decedent’s name or when there are rights to receive property. If you’re not sure if your loved one’s estate does have to go through probate, it’s worth taking the time to speak with your attorney to learn more about probate in Michigan. Our website has more on what to expect when someone you love passes away.