Internal bleeding can be hiding after a car crash

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2020 | Personal Injury |

As Michigan residents know, car crashes are often traumatic. A wave of motion wracks the vehicle, driver and passengers as everything comes to a violent stop.

It’s common to have at least minor injuries after the wreck, such as simple cuts and bruises, and even bigger concerns like whiplash and other potentially serious damage. One common injury of great concern is internal bleeding, and it’s important to recognize the symptoms early. Otherwise, it can be dangerous if the bleeding isn’t treated in time.

As the name suggests, internal bleeding occurs inside the body — deep inside the circulatory system. As such, the damage might not be noticeable right away. The bleeding can happen in many places throughout the body, including organs and the brain, which means that bruises may not even be visible. If the bleeding is severe enough, the victim may go into a state of shock.

The symptoms can vary based on where the internal bleeding occurs. But the signs can include lightheadedness, headache, confused thoughts, shortened breathing, stiffened neck or even stroke-like symptoms, such as weakness, slurred speech and a loss of vision. Other signals include low blood pressure, rectal bleeding, bloody stool and blood in your urine. 

It’s vital to seek medical attention immediately after a car crash so that doctors can inspect for injuries like internal bleeding that may be hiding and could be life-threatening.

After a crash, it’s also important you know your legal rights and pursue financial compensation for your suffering. An experienced Michigan attorney can help take the burden off your shoulders by dealing with the insurance companies while keeping you in close communication through every step of your case.