Michigan no-fault insurance claims face scrutiny from insurers

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Michigan’s no-fault insurance system has repeatedly received praise from medical professionals for the fact that it does not cap medical benefits for those with catastrophic injuries. No-fault insurance coverage can be particularly valuable to those who suffer either brain injuries or spinal cord injuries in a motor vehicle crash. Injuries like those can have lasting consequences and need ongoing medical care. 

Despite fault or other concerns, drivers can usually anticipate having their medical costs fully covered, regardless of how long they continue to suffer from the injuries they experienced. Sadly, companies would rather limit their expenses than do what is best for people who carry or make claims against their policies. It common practice for insurance companies to aggressively attempt to settle no-fault claims that could result in six- figures worth of compensation or more.

Settlements are a common way companies trick you

As someone hurt in a crash and receiving compensation through an automotive liability policy, you could theoretically continue to submit any of your ongoing bills related to your injury to the company for compensation. Ongoing payouts are commonly used to cover recurring costs like medications or physical therapy. 

However, insurance companies don’t want to keep paying out indefinitely on a claim (no matter how serious the injuries or necessary the treatment for them). They might offer you a lump sum settlement in the hope that they can limit how much they wind up paying. If an insurance company offers you a lump-sum settlement, carefully reviewing it is of the utmost importance, as you may find that the amount offered actually falls far short of the amount of coverage you need because of your injuries. 

Find out how an experienced advocate can protect your interests before you make a decision. You may have other options.