The right attorney fills an important role in the probate process

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When you are entering probate, you will benefit from as much support as you can find. This is particularly important if it is your first foray into the Michigan probate process. In nearly all cases, your support team should include an attorney with experience handling probate. This can help you avoid errors while making the process flow as smoothly as possible.

Having said that, many Sterling Heights residents do not know exactly how a lawyer can help with the probate process. This can make it hard to find the right attorney. Knowing the duties that a lawyer performs during probate can help estate administrators find someone who can offer the most professional guidance.

  • Preparing and filing any documentation the probate court requires 
  • Locating all assets the decedent owns and making them secure
  • Identifying the taxes an estate owes 
  • Gathering and managing proceeds associated with life insurance
  • Taking steps to have the deceased’s property appraised
  • Guidance for paying off the decedent’s bills and settling any debts
  • Assistance handling the estate checkbook

We also want you to know that an attorney can help you manage probate or inheritance disputes that may arise among the decedent’s family members. Since serious disputes can delay the probate process, this is an especially beneficial duty on the attorney’s part. 

For example, let’s say one family member accuses another of improperly influencing the decedent when he or she was writing a will. A probate attorney with plenty of experience can review the document thoroughly to look for any signs that the decedent created the document under duress.

You can find more about how a lawyer can help with the probate process by continuing to browse our website. Our blog also contains a great deal of useful information for estate administrators.