How many drivers in Michigan don’t have insurance on their car?

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When it comes to motor vehicle insurance, Michigan is one of the most notorious states for having high-cost policies. The no-fault insurance law in Michigan means that drivers pay more than they do for minimum coverage in Michigan than they would in other states.

Recent reform has helped to reduce the overall price of policies and created an 18-month amnesty window during which drivers without insurance policies can get a new policy without a penalty. Despite these steps in the right direction, there are still a significant number of drivers in Michigan without insurance. How many people on Michigan roads don’t have an active policy on their vehicles?

Michigan has one of the highest rates of uninsured drivers

When you are out on the road, roughly one out of every five drivers that you cross paths with will not have insurance on their vehicle. According to the Insurance Information Institute, Michigan is fourth in the nation for uninsured drivers at a frightening 20.3% of drivers uninsured at any given time.

When these drivers cause crashes, they don’t have protection for their own costs and can leave other people vulnerable when expenses exceed an individual’s policy coverage. A lack of insurance can be particularly concerning when a driver without coverage hurts someone on a bicycle or a pedestrian.