Is motorcycling dangerous?

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If you want to reduce the risk of being injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, stop riding your bike. That is the only sure-fire way to avoid being in a motorcycle crash. However, you could say that about any activity: The only way to avoid being injured while doing something is not to do it.

Fortunately, you can enjoy your life — and your motorcycle — knowing that you’re reasonably safe as long as you take adequate safety measures (like maintaining your visibility), obey the rules of the road and keep a careful eye on other drivers.

How many motorcycle accidents are there in Michigan?

According to the Michigan State Police Year-End Report, there were 2,728 motorcycles involved in crashes during 2018 in the state, in which 2,004 motorcyclists were injured, and 134 died. That means 5% of motorcycle crashes were fatal, and 73% resulted in injury.

Contrast this with cars and SUVs involved in crashes in the state. There were 438,196 crashes, of which 85,268 resulted in injuries, and 1,016 were fatal. That gives a 0.23% chance of being killed and a 19% chance of being injured if you’re in a crash.

Why do motorcycle accidents happen?

Figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) suggest around 40% of motorcycle crashes do not involve any other vehicle. They can happen due to rider error, poor road conditions, weather conditions, or mechanical failure, such as a tire blowout. 60%, therefore, do involve one or more other vehicles. These could be the motorcyclist’s fault, the driver of the other vehicle’s fault, or due to the road conditions or the weather.

If injured in a motorcycle crash, you will need legal help. The reason you came off your bike may not always be apparent. An attorney can investigate whether there was negligence by a driver or if the relevant authorities had failed to maintain the road in a safe condition.