Hit-and-run driver caught after leaving ID at the scene

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If a driver doesn’t stop at the scene of a crash, even if it wasn’t their fault, they can be accused of a hit-and-run offense. Sometimes, drivers choose not to stop because of being impaired or knowing that they did something wrong, and that’s even worse.

When they flee the scene, they potentially leave victims to fend for themselves, and they may or may not get the medical care they need in time. Take, for example, this case in which a hit-and-run driver fled the scene of a crash and left the victim behind. The victim, male, had a broken leg from the collision.

Why did the driver flee?

The driver fled the scene of the crash for unknown reasons, but the police reported that he was highly intoxicated when they found him around 2.5 hours after the crash. The driver, unbeknownst to him, had left his ID and wallet in the vehicle, so it did not take long for the authorities to find him.

Once given a Breathalyzer test, it was determined that the person was driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of twice the legal limit.

In this case, fortunately, the victim was expected to be fine following medical treatment. That doesn’t excuse a driver’s behavior if they decide to leave the scene without considering the victim’s health.

Reckless, dangerous driving is an issue in Michigan

Did you know that reckless driving led to 56 fatalities and 945 injuries in 2016? The Michigan State Police also reported that careless driving led to around 78 fatalities and 4,190 injuries that year. If you’re a victim in a crash involving a dangerous driver, remember that you may be able to pursue legal action.