Road rage is dangerous and problematic on U.S. roadways

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Road rage is a problem on the roads. Drivers with this condition may become extremely aggressive or angry when they feel that others are in their way or not moving fast enough.

Some people go too far in their rage. Take, for example, this horrible story of a road-rage incident where a driver was getting into her SUV and backing up when a pickup truck cut her off.

A man then got out of the truck and fired a gun several times at the woman’s SUV. She drove away while another witness stood nearby in front of a house. She ran inside moments before the SUV returned and parked on that front lawn. The pickup returned as well. The woman inside the SUV ran inside, and the driver then drove away.

Road rage has no place on the roads in Michigan or elsewhere

This kind of intensive road rage is shocking, but road rage itself is not uncommon. According to Safe Motorist, around 66% of all collisions resulting in fatalities are related to aggressive driving. Another 37% of those incidents do involve firearms.

What should you do if you’re faced with road rage?

If you’re faced with road rage, you need to stay calm. Remember not to try to retaliate against the other driver since that will escalate the situation. Instead, continue on safely when possible, or pull over to get out of the dangerous driver’s path. Call 911, so the police can attempt to locate the vehicle and stop the driver.

If you’re struck by a driver with road rage, they may be angry. Stay in your vehicle if necessary and wait for help to arrive.