5 things probate lawyers do

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Probate attorneys help you settle the affairs of an estate. They perform many tasks within the context of the law.

The job could entail work that does not appear on this list. Please think of this only as a starting point to help you understand why people hire lawyers to help them in these types of cases.

1. Advise on a will

As explained on FindLaw, probate lawyers often review wills. If there is suspicion of foul play, your lawyer would go beyond the document itself to look at the context in which your loved one signed it.

2. Handle the intestate process

If your loved one died without a will, you might have some significant clerical and communications work to do. Your lawyer would help you by contacting your relatives, maintaining a schedule and performing other important tasks.

3. Managing the estate’s finances

Attorneys often have the job of disbursing from the estate. In short, they would manage the checkbook for you.

4. Determining tax burden

For large estates and certain types of assets — such as securities: stocks, bonds and so on — there might be some complex tax considerations. Someone with knowledge and experience in estate law could advise you on potential tax opportunities or risks.

5. Investigating the estate

Especially if your loved one died without a recent will, you might have to track down some assets so they can join the rest of the estate. Believe it or not, many lawyers are exceptional detectives.

There is one thing you are unlikely to find in any legal description of the role. A good probate lawyer should be able to put you at ease, handling a complex process during one of the most stressful times of your life.