Why you shouldn’t tap your helmet warning fellow motorcyclists of nearby police

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Motorcyclists often feel a sense of belonging to a unique club. This connection often leads motorcyclists to prioritize looking out for one another. An increasing number of bikers have learned to tap their helmets to warn others of nearby police in recent years so that their fellow bikers can avoid speeding tickets.

A handful of bikers have pulled back in offering these courtesy warnings in recent years, however, in hopes that it will discourage their fellow riders from ever recklessly operating their motorcycles. The goal is to keep everyone safer on the road. 

How common are motorcycle accidents?

A 2018 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) report indicated there were 5,100 motorcyclist fatalities in 2017. The study’s authors used this data to determine that a motorcyclist’s fatality rate risk is 28 times higher than that of passenger car occupants. 

What factor most commonly results in motorcycle accidents?

Speed is one of the leading causes of motorbike crashes. Data compiled by the Governors Highway Safety Association shows that 33% of fatal crashes are attributable to speeding. The main problem with speeding is that it often leaves motorists unable to adequately control their vehicles, thus leaving them vulnerable to crashing into any potential hazards that may enter their path. 

What other factors often result in motorcycle accidents?

The unfortunate reality is that you can be the safest motorcycle operator out there and yet still find yourself involved in a crash here in Sterling Heights. Such an occurrence may happen if a drowsy, intoxicated, distracted or reckless motorist strikes you. Fortunately, Michigan law allows motorcyclists to recover compensation for unexpected medical bills and other expenses after they’ve been injured by another party’s negligence.