Can you get compensation for lost wages after a car accident?

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Heading home from work on a Thursday evening, you get T-boned by a driver who was intoxicated and who ran a stop sign. It’s pretty clear that they caused the accident, and the police wasted no time assigning blame. 

You’re injured, and they take you to the hospital, but you at least know that the other driver should be responsible for your medical bills. You tell yourself not to worry about the cost. The other driver’s insurance is going to cover the bills eventually. You just need to focus on your health. 

Then the doctor tells you that it will be a week until you get to go home. You may not work again for a month — and that’s if everything goes well. You suddenly realize that you are going to lose quite a lot in wages because of this accident. Can you get compensation for those costs, as well? 

All accident-related costs can qualify for compensation

In short, yes, you can seek compensation for lost wages. The thing to remember is that all costs related to the accident can qualify for compensation. If you suffered a financial loss related to your recovery time, that is not your fault — and you have a right to expect those lost wages to be replaced.

Additionally, if your ability to work has been changed in a long-term sense, you may be able to seek compensation for lost earning capacity. Maybe you had a high-level job that paid well, but it was very physical. If your injuries force you into a lower-paying desk job, the difference between what you would have earned in your lifetime and what you will now earn (your future lost wages) is also something that can be compensated. 

Working with an attorney is key to understanding your options

When starting your case, be sure to look into the legal options you have to seek all the possible compensation you are due. It pays to take the long view on any case like this, and an attorney can protect your interests.