What is the role of a probate attorney?

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A probate attorney can help you in many ways whether you are the person creating an estate or handling the estate after the person’s death. This type of attorney focuses mainly on ensuring the probate process goes smoothly and problems do not occur.

You do not have to hire an attorney to help with your estate needs, but there are many ways the lawyer can assist you if you do decide to use one. According to FindLaw, a probate attorney can help you to navigate the legal aspects of the process.

Handling challenges

Having an attorney working with you can help you to avoid or better handle any challenges to the estate. Challenges can slow the probate process. They can also lead to additional problems that change the estate plan. An attorney can help you review your estate plan to look for potential problems or assist with problems that come up during probate.

Managing legal aspects

The attorney also is incredibly helpful with explaining legal aspects. He or she can act as an advisor who will guide you through all the legal things you must keep in mind when creating an estate plan or acting as the executor.

Finalizing the estate

If you are the one creating the estate plan, you can choose your attorney to act as the executor. He or she can be a neutral third party who will ensure your estate wraps up according to your wishes.

A probate attorney will typically not assist with the creation of your estate, but he or she will assist with anything related to the probate process.