What skills do you need to close an estate?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2021 | Estate Planning |

Taking on the task of closing someone’s estate in Michigan will require a lot of your time. Anticipating your responsibilities and possessing a few general skills can make a considerable difference in your experience.

With your preparation and expertise, you can honor the testator’s legacy and provide comfort to surviving loved ones with your empathy and attention to detail.

Resourcefulness and organization

Closing an estate requires you to manage lots of moving pieces. Some of your duties may include obtaining a death certificate, paying off remaining tax debts, closing financial accounts and distributing assets. Each of these tasks is time-sensitive and requires you to take initiative. According to U.S. News, hiring an attorney to guide you through these processes may improve both efficiency and accuracy.

Seeing that you will deal with lots of paperwork and legal documentation, organizational skills are critical to have. You will need to keep detailed records of progress so you can verify that all aspects of the estate have received adequate attention.

Empathy and integrity

An often-overlooked, but extremely necessary skill to have is the ability to show empathy. You will deal closely with the testator’s surviving family members. They will experience grief and may feel uncertain about the future. Your ability to empathize with them can provide comfort and reassurance in an unprecedented time.

Your responsibilities will require you to work with sensitive personal information. Using integrity and honesty as you complete your responsibilities will show honor to the testator and his or her family. Working with a trusted attorney, you can complete your duties with confidence and exactness.