What you should know about Michigan’s no-fault crash insurance

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Most drivers understand the basic process of getting medical care after a car crash. Unless they need emergency treatment, they will need to wait at the scene of the collision for the arrival of the police. After telling the officer what occurred and arranging for the transportation of their vehicle, injured parties can then leave the scene of the crash to seek non-emergency medical care. 

You don’t even need to have health insurance to get treatment after a car crash. Your automotive policy will cover your medical costs thanks to Michigan’s no-fault insurance system. The insurance company will treat you kindly, but there are some things that they don’t want you to know about those injuries after a crash.

The insurance company should cover your treatments and lost wages

Some people only need a single treatment session to assess and address injuries suffered in a car crash. Others have such serious consequences they require hospitalization. They may experience long-term economic consequences because of their injuries both through direct medical costs and lost earning potential.

Those with injuries that have long-lasting consequences, like spinal cord injuries, brain injuries or severe bone fractures, may have higher costs. More serious injuries can require ongoing care, surgery and physical therapy to recover after a crash. Even with the right care, someone hurt in a wreck may not be able to do the same work and earn the same wages they did before a crash. 

Under Michigan’s no-fault insurance program, your insurance provider may have to cover you for all of your treatment with no limits if you invest in unlimited no-fault coverage. Even if you don’t have unlimited coverage, many policies have half a million or $250,000 worth of medical protection and lost wage coverage included.

Settlements often benefit the insurance company

Insurance companies often rush to offer settlements after a crash with significant injuries because the settlements limit their financial liability. Once you accept that settlement, you generally can’t make a claim for more compensation in the future, however much your personal costs and losses increase. 

Insurance companies will smile and use pleasant language while doing their best to prevent you from getting the full amount of compensation that you deserve. It is common for people to require professional help to handle major insurance claims after a car crash.