Pedestrian accidents in Michigan

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As a pedestrian, you need to keep an eye out for reckless drivers whenever you walk near traffic. Tragically, these accidents claim many lives and send even more accident victims to emergency rooms with serious injuries. Whether a driver goes over the speed limit, gets behind the wheel after drinking or fails to see a pedestrian because of a distraction, victims must hold negligent drivers who cause pedestrian accidents accountable.

You should also review risk factors associated with pedestrian accidents, as well as statistics on these serious collisions.

Looking at data on pedestrian accidents

The Michigan State Police reports that a majority of fatal pedestrian accidents occur between 6 PM and 12 AM. Therefore, if you walk near traffic during this timeframe, you should remain especially vigilant. However, pedestrian accidents resulting in severe injuries or death can occur at any time of day, and many take place because drivers fail to yield.

The MSP reports that over 80% of pedestrian accidents involving vehicles result in serious injuries or death. In fact, over 100 pedestrians lose their lives in Michigan per year.

Preventing pedestrian accidents

Pedestrians and drivers can take steps to avoid pedestrian accidents. As a pedestrian, you should use crosswalks if you need to cross the road, try to walk on sidewalks when possible, look both ways before crossing and wear bright clothing in the day or reflective clothes at night to help drivers see you.

Drivers should yield to pedestrians, stay within the speed limit, exercise caution at intersections and pay attention to traffic signs. Unfortunately, some do not drive responsibly, and they should face consequences if they cause an accident.