Why is texting such a hazard to motorcyclists?

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Motorcyclists often face unfair odds on the road compared to other drivers. With the size of their vehicles and the lack of external protection, just one single hit could potentially cause catastrophic damage.

Of course, this means motorcyclists also need to keep an eye out for more dangers than other drivers have to. This includes the possibility of texting drivers.

A danger to the senses

Safewise looks into the dangers of texting while driving. Of course, texting while driving poses an enormous threat in the form of driver distraction. A driver needs three major senses when on the road in order to stay safe. This includes touch, sight and mental clarity.

When texting, a driver often has their hands on the phone and their eyes on the screen. This already renders two of the three senses unable to focus on the road.

Even hands-free devices cannot fully reduce the risk of danger, though. Even with a driver’s hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road, if they engage in a conversation no matter what the medium is, they will face mental distraction.

Difficulties spotting motorcycles

It is already hard for drivers to spot motorcyclists even when paying full attention to the road. They often claim that motorcyclists “come out of nowhere”, especially at turns or intersections. When distracted by texting, drivers have an even lower chance of spotting you before they accidentally turn right into you.

And of course, texting while driving is still unfortunately quite common. This is what makes it such a big and continued risk to motorcyclists everywhere, in spite of continued safety campaigns.