How can protective gear save your life in a motorcycle accident?

On Behalf of | May 14, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Riding a motorcycle can feel very free. Many people love to feel the wind blow through their hair and stream across their bodies.

However, the Michigan State Police explain wearing protective can save your life on a motorcycle. While you may not get the full wind effect, at least you know your chances of survival are much greater in an accident, and that also means you will be around to ride another day.

Helmet and face shield

A helmet is one of your greatest defenses in an accident. It will help protect your head from serious injuries. A helmet should also provide protection for your face and eyes. A shield built into the helmet can keep debris out of your eyes and protect your face in a crash.

Pads and body gear

Pads or body gear will protect you from serious road rash. If you go sliding off your bike, wearing long sleeves and pants will keep your skin from rubbing along the ground, which can prevent serious injuries. This type of protection can also help you to be more visible to drivers and others on the road.

Keep in mind that, unlike a vehicle, your bike offers you little protection if you crash. You do not have metal, airbags or other safety devices to keep you safe. Once you come off your bike, there is little between you and the ground or other items in the area. Wearing protective gear is the next best option because it gives you a barrier and can save your life in a serious accident situation.