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Recovering Damages For Construction Site Injuries

Construction accidents often have a devastating impact on families. The most difficult task of a construction injury attorney is helping survivors of the deceased or caretakers of the injured face the financial hardships of a workplace accident. Due to the dangerous nature of construction work, severe and deadly accidents do occur. It is the responsibility of a construction accident lawyer or injury attorney to recover the full extent of financial damages from the at-fault parties. A financial settlement after a construction work based injury sustains the finances of your household through high-cost medical expenses and the loss of income.

Determining Who Is Responsible

And who are the negligent parties? The construction accident attorneys at Boyer Law Group, thoroughly investigate the circumstances that led to your accident and resulting injuries. We review and research every detail of the work site and job management such as:

  • Safety plans for contractors and subcontractors
  • Operational oversight
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations
  • Our goal is to see that your suffering and burdens are minimized as much as possible.

Experienced Attorneys Committed To Helping You

It is important for the victim or their family member to contact a construction accident lawyer in the immediate aftermath of an accident. The longer a plaintiff in a lawsuit waits, the weaker his or her construction injury case becomes. Timeliness is important for three reasons:

  1. Witnesses forget what they know or saw, or they move or otherwise become unavailable.
  2. Physical evidence might be removed or deteriorate before it can be documented for court review.
  3. Claim filing deadlines run out.

As always, your initial consultation is free of charge, and no attorney fees are paid unless we win your case.

All personal injury lawsuits are done on a contingency basis, meaning the injured party pays no legal fees until a settlement is reached with the responsible parties. Payment is a percentage of that settlement.

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