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Persons injured in car and truck accidents who have sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) quite often have an uphill battle trying to convince the insurance companies of the serious nature of the injury. That is because many EMS technicians and emergency room doctors misdiagnose such injuries. Diagnostic tests, such as brain CT scans and MRIs, performed in the emergency room are frequently negative because these types of tests do not necessarily show a brain injury. However, these tests also cannot actually rule out such injury. Today, there is testing available to help properly diagnose a TBI, and without specialized training of the lawyer representing the injured person, millions of dollars could be lost that the injured person is entitled to.

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Bill Boyer has specialized training in representing car and truck accident victims who have sustained traumatic brain injuries and has recovered millions of dollars for his clients of car and truck accidents. This specialized training has allowed Mr. Boyer to convince insurance companies of the serious nature of brain injuries. Even persons with pre-existing brain injuries and psychological or mental disorders can have those conditions aggravated by a traumatic brain injury, as the person is now disabled when they led a normal life before the accident.

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If you, a family member or friend has been involved in a truck or car accident and believes they may have sustained a head injury, contact Boyer Law Group, or call 586-731-7400. Our firm will fight for every dollar that you or others are entitled to for the care and compensation of such a serious injury.